Announcing…Student Weekly!


The moment a writer gets to announce his work going public is one of great pride and excitement.

So, without further ado, I’m happy to announce my first release, as well as my first flash fiction series, Student Weekly. It will bow out starting in January 2013, and will run for a total of 16 episodes. For those of you who know what flash fiction is, this will all make sense to you. For those who don’t, onward and downward.

Flash fiction is, essentially, a piece of fiction between 300 and 1,000 words (although sometimes word count on these types of works can vary). Each episode of Student Weekly will be contained within this word limit. I liken a flash fiction series to a web video series, where there, each story (or episode) is called a “webisode”. It’s short as well, usually no more than five minutes. But, I digress.

I’m absolutely beyond words as to my excitement for you all to read it and react to it. I’ve pulled from many different works of art as inspiration for this series, but the most major of them (and once you begin reading the series, you’ll be able to tell) is HBO’s television series The Newsroom. It’s a marvelous show with a marvelous cast, and if you have HBO or are otherwise able to gain access to it, I cannot recommend watching it highly enough!

I wanted to make this idea my own, however, so my series focuses on a college junior, Jerri Rambert, who has been in charge of her university’s newspaper for the past two years and decides, quite suddenly, that she wants to change the format. Up to this point, they had been catering to entertainment, but Jerri wants to showcase the hard-hitting news — the stuff that, at the end of the day, is truly important.

It is geared toward young adults first-and-foremost, but I think the adults will appreciate the story as well. It’s a chance for people to sit back, read something short and sweet, and still have something to think about afterward. The characters are sassy, witty, and sharp, and I hope you fall in love with them as much as I have. The experience of writing this has been a blast, and I’m sure there will be more of this to come than just the 16 initial episodes promised in this announcement.

So please, stay tuned to the social networking sites, as well as right here at my blog, for a more precise date of when Student Weekly will be premiering, as well as sneak peeks and other features as the release draws near. I also want everyone to be aware that the series will be free of charge, released in PDF form so that you can read it anywhere you and your electronic device happen to be.

Thanks for sticking with me this far, and I promise, things will only get more exciting from here!